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Online Seminars

FSRC offers online seminars at Webex. You can attend a seminar live online with Joseph Yu speaking on Webcam. The larger part of the screen is an animated powerpoint presentation. There is a chatroom where you can type your questions. At appropriate times, the questions will be answered. After the seminar, you can download an ebook containing the recorded seminar. If you cannot attend a seminar live online, you can also pay to download the recorded seminar into your computer so that you can view it at your convenience. The ebook can also be printed.

Download Feng Shui Tips seminar recording to see what an online seminar is like. The sample is a 22 minutes free seminar.

The one hour sessions are priced at US$45 per session. You can use the shopping carts to pay for the recorded seminars. Each ebook is about 100 mb and it may take some time to download.

You can also pay to attend a seminar scheduled in the future.

To pay for Spanish online seminars, please go to Paypal .            

Feng Shui Series 01: Yin and Yang

This seminar elaborates the concept of Wuji, Taiji and Liangyi with special attention paid to Feng Shui practices.

Feng Shui Series 01 - Yin and Yang

Feng Shui Series 02: Five Elements (Wu Xing)

This seminar gives another look at the five elements. It explains why the poor translation of the term "Wu Xing" has led to ineffective Feng Shui applications. This seminar, together with the Yin and Yang seminar, form the core of the foundation to all Chinese Metaphysical studies.

Feng Shui Series 02 - Five Elements

Feng Shui Series 03: Heaven Stems and Earth Branches (Tian Gan Di Zhi)

This seminar talks about the 10 Stems and 12 Branches in details. It is one of the fundamental instruments in Chinese Metaphysics studies.

Feng Shui Series 03 - Stems and Branches

Feng Shui Series 04: He Tu and Luo Shu

This seminar talks about He Tu and Luo Shu in details. It shows you the relationship between the two and applications.

Feng Shui Series 04 - He Tu and Luo Shu

Feng Shui Series 05: Ba Gua

This seminar talks about the Xian Tian and Hou Tian Ba Gua. It is a step by step construction of the Ba Gua. It also talks about the underlying meaning of each trigram.

Feng Shui Series 05 - Ba Gua

Feng Shui Series 06: Nine Stars

This seminar talks about the Nine Stars used in Feng Shui with emphasis on the behavior of the stars in different environments and time.

Feng Shui Series 06 - Nine Stars

Feng Shui Series 07: Ming Gua and Annual Stars

This seminar gives you an elaborated account of Ming Gua that is not found in any book or courses. Without sound understanding of Ming Gua, the study of Feng Shui is incomplete.

Feng Shui Series 07 - Ming Gua and Annual Stars

Feng Shui Series 08: Yi Gua Feng Shui

This seminar is about what is commonly known as Ba Zhai Feng Shui. It elaborates on the trigrams of the Xian Tian Ba Gua with Luoshu numbers. It explains the fundamental principles of the Eight House School. Note that in most books and courses, you are only given the formula without explanation. This seminar is an eye-opener to those who are not satisfied with statements and formulas without explanation.

Feng Shui Series 08 - Yi Gua Feng Shui

Water Methods Series 01: Shan Shui Long Fan Gua 1

Introducing the concept of Dragon, Mountain, Facing and Water setting for good Feng Shui.

Water Methods Series 01 - Shan Shui Long Fan Gua 1

Water Methods Series 02: Shan Shui Long Fan Gua 2

Five Ghost Transporting Wealth Elaboration.

Water Methods Series 02 - Shan Shui Long Fan Gua 2

Water Methods Series 03: He Tu and Luo Shu Water Methods

Explanation of the superb He Tu 4 Ju.

Water Methods Series 03 - He Tu and Luo Shu Water Methods

Water Methods Series 04: Ba Sha and Huang Quan

Detailed explanation of Ba Sha and Huang Quan.

Water Methods Series 04 - Ba Sha and Huang Quan

Water Methods Series 05: Na Jia Gui Yuan Water etc.

Detailed explanation of Na Jia Gui Yuan Water Settings plus more.

Water Methods Series 05 - Na Jia Gui Yuan Water etc.

Water Methods Series 06: San He Water Methods

Detailed explanation of San He Water Methods.

Water Methods Series 06 - San He Water Methods

Water Methods Series 07: Longmen Ba Da Ju (1)

Dragon Gate Eight Settings 1

Water Methods Series 07 - Longmen Ba Da Ju (1)

Water Methods Series 08: Longmen Ba Da Ju (2)

Dragon Gate Eight Settings 2

Water Methods Series 08 - Longmen Ba Da Ju (2)

Water Methods Series 09: Longmen Ba Da Ju (3)

Dragon Gate Eight Settings 3

Water Methods Series 09 - Longmen Ba Da Ju (3)

Water Methods Series 10: Longmen Ba Da Ju (4)

Dragon Gate Eight Settings 4

Date and time: 18 March, 2009 10:00 am - 11:00 am US Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Water Methods Series 10 - Longmen Ba Da Ju (4)

More online seminars will be organized later.

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