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I Ching - Sample Readings

Sample 1 - Lillian

Lillian asked about a civil lawsuit she is involved in. The outcomes of her experiment are:

(1) HHT (2) HTT (3) HHH (4) HHH (5) HHT (6) HTT

Current Gua: Fire on Wind - reveals the present situation
Projected Gua: Mountain on Water - the intended outcome in the near future

Fire on Wind: Everything is new and fresh. Great progress and success can be expected if you maintain correctness.
      Luck : Good to excellent
      Romance : Love is the word
      Family : Full of happiness
      Business : Good profits awaiting
      Sickness : Recover soon
      Lawsuit : Win

Mountain on Water: You have to be firm and correct
      Luck : Not yet with you, have to be patient
      Romance : If you lack preseverance, your previous efforts will be wasted
      Family : Cooperation is needed to build up a "home sweet home"
      Business : Full of obstructions and barriers
      Sickness : Vulnerable to the infection of germs, must be careful
      Lawsuit : Do not delay, settlement the earlier the better

Interpretation : Everything looks favorable at present. However, circumstances may change and it is not advisable to delay action. Pressure for a favorable settlement as soon as possible

Sample 2 - Rebecca

Rebecca asked: I am trying to decide whether or not it would be wise to travel to another country, as opposed to developing a stable home. The outcomes of her experiment are:

(1) HHT (2) HHT (3) TTH (4) HHH (5) TTT (6) TTH

Current Gua: Fire on Mountain - reveals the present situation
Projected Gua: Wind on Mountain - the intended outcome in the near future

Fire on Mountain: Lucky for minor matters. The way to success is difficult and perilous. Only with exceptional endurance and determination can one attain the goal.
      Luck : Life is full of surprise
      Romance : Waste of time, not fruitful
      Family : Helpless situation
      Business : Not profitable at all
      Sickness : Dangerous
      Lawsuit : Ask for peace

Wind on Mountain Advance cautiously like the bride entering the church. Set your goal towards a better tomorrow.
      Luck : Beautiful picture in sight
      Romance : Sweet like honey, marriage is near
      Family : Full of life, looking to a bright future
      Business : Might be some setback, it will be overcome
      Sickness : Long, hard fight but you are the eventual winner
      Lawsuit : Effort will be futile. Seek settlement.

Interpretation : At present you are seriously thinking of traveling but the gua indicates a long hard journey. Some external influences will make you change your mind. A beautiful picture of a home sweet home is before you. Go for it.

Sample 3 - Doug

Doug asked: Is Linda my future soul mate? The outcomes of her experiment are:

(1) HHT (2) TTT (3) HHT (4) HHT (5) HHT (6) HHT

Current Gua: Earth on Earth- reveals the present situation
Projected Gua: Eart on Water - the intended outcome in the near future

Earth on Eart: Like a persistent mare it will be lucky to follow the leader. If you choose to lead, you will be lost. You will gain in the south-west and lose in the north-east.
      Luck : Time to work quietly for a better tomorrow
      Romance : Love is a long-distance race
      Family : Spend wisely and be hard working. Happiness is before you.
      Business : Be conservative
      Sickness : Digestive system needs care
      Lawsuit : Give way and seek peace

Earth on Water Stick to your correct principles, use the right person and it will be advantageous.
      Luck : The ups and downs are extraordinary. You must know when to proceed and when to retreat. With the help of able people and observing strict discipline, you will succeed
      Romance : Romance has yet to come.
      Family : Quarrelsome. Everybody should restrain a bit.
      Business : Not on the right track yet, pay attention to details
      Sickness : Chronic.
      Lawsuit : Entangled, try to come to quick settlement.

Interpretation : First of all, if Linda lives in the south-west of where you are, you have a chance. However, there will be changes that make future development not easy. Chances are not high.

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