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Shen Zhu Reng's Important Article

This is the most important article in Master Shen's book. Unfortunately a lot of people who claim to practice Xuan Kong Feng Shui either have not studied this article or they do not understand the teaching. Therefore I translate this into English so that westerners can understand real Xuan Kong Feng Shui. It also helps modern Chinese people who have difficulties understanding older Chinese writing.

Qing Nang Xu says, "The dragon god on mountain does not go into water, (and) the dragon god in water does not go up (a) mountain."

This sentence is the central button for good or evil and the key to fortune and misfortune. It is the most important entry door to Xuan Kong theory. Mountain controls people while water controls wealth. Whether the dragon god favors or disfavors immensely affect everything. If they are accidentally reversed, it will hurt the people and cause loss of money. It will bring hundreds of unfortunate happenings. Therefore, the dragon god assigned by the mountain chart must not go down the water. The wang {vibrant} star must be placed on a high mountain and solid land. The dragon god assigned by the water chart must not go up the mountain. The wang {vibrant} star must be placed in ponds, rivers or where it is low and damp [Note 1]. This is the important rule for arranging the mountain and facing stars. It should not be reversed.

Now I will illustrate this by a Period 7 Yi mountain Xin facing setting. The rest are similar. To arrange the mountain dragons, we find that 5 in the time star chart is on the mountain side {sitting palace}. Use 5 at the center. Since Yi is yin, it moves backward. The flying star 7 arrives at the mountain {sitting palace}. 7 being the ruling star is the wang {vibrant} qi. 8 is assigned to Kun. 8 being the future is sheng qi. Therefore the 7 and 8 directions must be topographically high. If 9 in Kan (also) meets highland, then the dragon gods on mountain are at appropriate places. When the sheng and wang qi are put on high places, it is beneficial to the fertility of people. The weakening qi 6 is at the Xun direction. The dead qi 4 is at the Qian direction. If the Xun and Qian directions are high, then the weakening and dead qi will have power. Therefore it is suitable to have water in the Xun and Qian directions. Then the weakening and dead qi are placed in water and the sha is eliminated.

To arrange the water dragons, we find that 9 in the time star chart is on the facing side. Use 9 at the center. Since 9 is Ding which is yin, it moves backward. The flying star 7 on the facing chart arrives at the facing direction. 7 is the current period’s vibrant (wang) qi. 8 is at Qian and is the future sheng qi. Therefore, if there is water at Dui and Qian directions, then the dragon gods in water are at appropriate places. When the sheng and wang qi are put in water, it indicates a vibrant source of wealth. 6 is weakening qi while 5 and 4 are dead qi. If there is water, then the weakening and dead qi will have power and the sha is preserved. Therefore, the three directions Gen, Li and Kan are suitable to be high and they do not like water to appear. In that case, the weakening and dead qi will be placed on a high location.

It should be noted that when we arrange the water dragons, the sheng and wang ones are suitable to be placed in water. At the same time, when we arrange the mountain dragons, the weakening and dead ones should also be placed in water. We can see that the water in Dui and Qian directions can kill two birds with one stone. On the other hand, if there are mountains in Zhen, Kun and Kan directions, they are all appropriately located.

In conclusion, if you can distinguish the weakening and vibrancy of the five elements to incorporate into the dragon gods [Note 2], then you not only can avoid (the timely water stars) going up the mountain and (the timely mountain stars) going down into water, the wonderful application of receiving the mountain and eliminating the sha also paves the way for you.

Note 1: It is obvious that real water is preferred, not just low land. In cities, roads can also be considered rivers.

Note 2: The weakening and vibrancy of the five elements to incorporate into the dragon gods – the five elements refer to the element of the water and mountain. Water and mountain can also be categorized into the five types according to the shape. Since 7 is metal, the best water for 7 is earth shaped water or metal shaped water. Fire shaped water will be worst. Although 8 is earth, fire shaped water is inappropriate because it is a bad form of water. Earth shaped water is the best. Master Shen was telling people the importance of incorporating forms with the stars.

Comment: In the example, supplementary note must be added. To use this technique, the most important thing is to support the sheng and wang stars. If it can eliminate the sha at the same time, it will be perfect. To have water in Dui and Qian directions will serve both purposes. To have mountain in Zhen, Kun and Kan directions also serve both purposes. However, if we have mountain in Gen, it will give power to the dead qi 2 that causes sickness. For Li, a mountain is appropriate. Although 1 is dead qi, it is usable qi.

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