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Move-In Date or Completion Date?

To define the Heaven's Heart is the most important step in Flying Star Feng Shui. Yet this is one of the many topics Feng Shui masters cannot agree on. There are at least three versions. The first version is that the current period is to be used no matter when the house was built. The second version is that the completion date is to determine the period star at the center. The third version is that the move-in date of the occupants is the deciding factor.

Master Jiang Da Hong is the authority in Flying Star Feng Shui who talked a lot about yang houses. Authentic Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioners must base their practices on his teaching. The problem is that the same teaching may have a variety of interpretations and Feng Shui masters all agree to disagree with each other's interpretation.

Master Jiang did not teach explicitly the flying stars method. It was Master Shen Zhu Reng who interpreted his teaching to make Xuan Kong Feng Shui known to the public. Of course there are a lot of people attacking Master Shen's teaching as he did not learn from a master.

In Shen's Xuan Kong Xue, he included Master Jiang's important article: "Ba Zhai Tian Yuan Fu" with his annotation. Here is a paragraph that gives us some hints about the controversy of the completion date versus the move-in date to define the star chart of a house.

If a house is large, then the power it invites is far and wide. If the house is small, then the qi it receives is feeble. In any case, it is the leading qi that is the key issue. The real direction must be examined with care to see if the stars fly forward or backward. (Shen's annotation: This talks about the thickness of the qi received by large and small houses.)

If a door is changed, it will turn withering into flourishing. If a pathway is moved, it will distinquish between fortune and misfortune. If a part of the house is demolished and a new room is added in its place, it is important to decide whether the east part or the west part be chosen. The auspicious and inauspicious locations must be known before renovation takes place. (Shen's annotation: This talks about the method of renovation. For a yang house, qi comes in through the door. Even if the site is out of the cycle, changing a door will remove the inauspiciousness. For a site in the current cycle, if a declining door is chosen, the fortune will be greatly diminished. It makes great differences within a foot and an inch. Therefore, we must be very careful. Whenever a door is to be opened, we must ask when the house was built. Then use flying stars to examine which location is most appropriate for the door in order to receive the vibrant qi. The vibrant qi must be the most vibrant qi of the current period in order to remove inauspiciousness. If we only know the door is in the vibrant location but according to the construction period, it is in fact in a location where the qi is weakened or depleted, it is actually evil. Therefore, changing a door is most appropriate to have it in the vibrant location with vibrant qi.)

To explain this in even simpler terms, this paragraph tells us that the location of the door is most important in a house. A house can be made fortunate by renovation. First of all, we must know when the house was built. Then we can plot the flying star chart according to the construction period. (It is the construction period and not the move-in period we seek to know, according to Master Shen and implied by Master Jiang.)

For example, let us consider a house built in Period 6 facing Bing (S1) with the main entrance at Wu.

The water star at Wu is 5 which is sha qi in Period 7. Now it is suggested that a new door be installed in a vibrant location. In period 7, the most vibrant location is in the Dui Palace. However, the water star in Dui is 3, which is also sha qi. The location that has the most vibrant qi in the current period is in the Kun Palace where the water star is 7. The door should be located in Kun.

This example clearly indicates the beauty of Xuan Kong Flying Star. I have no intention to try to convince anyone that the construction completion date is to be used to define the flying star chart. I just want to quote the two great masters Jiang Da Hong and Shen Zhu Reng to support my view.

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