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Feng Shui Higher Diploma

Feng Shui Research Center acknowledges individuals who have completed theory and practice training on Xuan Kong Feng Shui in two ways. A higher diploma is issued and the individual is given recognition on the Practitioners page.

Minimum requirements include:
  1. Feng Shui Correspondence Course, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels offered by Feng Shui Research Center
  2. Adequate participation in the advanced Feng Shui mailing list to show understanding of theory
  3. 2 written consultations using the Flying Star technique
  4. Attending Professional Seminar Modules 1-4 or Dynamic Xuan Kong Feng Shui offered by Feng Shui Research Center or official local FSRC internationally is a must but attending these seminars can be within 24 months from graduation

The written consultation reports are to be sent one at a time. The first one will be corrected by Master Yu and guidelines will be given to improve the technique of auditing. A second audit of a different site is then to be submitted. If this one is satisfactory, the application to be certified is considered successful. If this is not satisfactory, a third audit of a different site will have to be submitted. If this is still unsatisfactory, the candidate will have to start all over again with the first report three months later. This process can be endless. The diploma will not be issued until the audit report is satisfactory. This submission of practical work is part of the training.

Once all of the above criteria have been met, the Feng Shui Research Center will issue a Higher Diploma of Feng Shui Education signed by Master Joseph Yu.

The successful graduate will be recognized as a practitioner trained by FSRC on the practitioners page. The graduate must upgrade his knowledge by attending Dynamic Xuan Kong Feng Shui or Feng Shui Professional Course Modules 1-4 within 24 months from the date of graduation. The practitioner must meet with the professional standard set by FSRC to maintain his status.

Examination Fees:
  • US$280 to be sent in together with the first written audit reports.

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