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Question: Is there a wealth corner in every house?

Yes. In every house there is a position that if appropriately decorated can improve the wealth luck of the people living in the house. It is where the star responsible for wealth dwells. An accurate measurement has to be taken to locate the wealth corner. The Feng Shui Principle : "Mountain is responsible for health and water for wealth" refers to the "mountain star" and "water star" in the "flying star chart". In the seventh period (1984-2003) the dominating star is 7. Where the water star (facing star) 7 resides is the wealth corner. Where the facing star #8 resides is a secondary wealth corner. In fact, there are two wealth corners instead of just one.

Question: Is there a simple way to locate the wealth corner of a house?

No. There are some "simple ways" to define the wealth corner. Don't be fooled by the "simple is good" maxim. These simple ways can be harmful:

Wrong concept #1 - When you enter a house, the right hand corner on the other end of the house is the wealth corner. Sheng chi entering a house goes in the clockwise direction until it reaches the furthermost corner and stays there. Therefore this is the wealth corner.

Wrong concept #2 - In the New Age Ba Gua, the wealth station is one of the eight life stations.

Question: Is Feng Shui related to religion?

No. Feng Shui has no religious background. Some "Feng Shui masters" claim to have learnt Feng Shui from a Buddhist monk. This is not creditable. A real Buddhist is prohibited to practice Feng Shui and all kinds of fortune telling. Feng Shui is an unconventional science that has theoretical results supported by unverified statistical data. The task of Feng Shui students in the future is to integrate Feng Shui into conventional science. To claim that there is a more powerful transcendental part of Feng Shui is nothing more than deceitful marketing.

Question: Can Feng Shui be practiced without using a Luo Pan?

Yes and no. Using a Luo Pan is fine. Using an accurate compass serves the same purpose. Practicing Feng Shui without an instrument to measure the sitting and facing is not the way.

Question: Can Feng Shui be learnt without a 'shifu'(Feng Shui master who teaches this art)?

Why not? But then you will have to study all kinds of Feng Shui books in the world, scrutinize them one by one, accept the good ones and reject the bad ones. It will take tens of years to accomplish something. The greatest masters in the history of Feng Shui did not learn Feng Shui from a shifu but from books.

Question: Are mirrors (convex, concave and plain) powerful weapons to kill sha chi?

No. A mirror can only reflect light falling onto its surface. It can do nothing to whatever kinds of chi that escape this small surface. To say that mirrors can absorb, concentrate or disperse sha chi is only wishful thinking.

Question: Can Feng Shui bring you wealth?

Feng Shui can create a harmonious environment that improves a person's health, the clarity of mind and alertness. In this way the person has the energy and wisdom to deal with a lot of things including making money. Good Feng Shui does not bring you wealth if you do not go for it but it should give you the necessary urge to seek fame and fortune.

Question: Are toilets harmful (to health, wealth and marriage)?

A toilet in ancient China is a dirty place. Germs multiply there and cause health problems. When someone is sick, money has to be spent and a lot of money making opportunities are missed. It also has a bad effect on the relationship between family members particularly the husband and the wife. Therefore it should be located at a remote position. In today's houses unless you do not flush the toilets and maintain them in clean and hygienic condition, toilets do not contribute any harmful effects. Some of the ancient Feng Shui rules have to be revised. It is irresponsible teaching that flushing the toilet flushes out the wealth.

Question: My indoor plants wither and die. Is this bad Feng Shui?

Yes. If you put your house plant in a place with fresh air, sunshine, right humidity and temperature, free from harmful radiation (sha chi), there is no reason why it will not grow well. What is bad for a plant is also bad for you. Find out the cause and do something to cure the house.

Question: The fish in my aquarium died. Has it sacrificed for me? Is my house under the attack of sha chi? Do I continue to replace the dead fish so that another live one will sacrifice for me?

The fish did not sacrifice for you. It died because the environment is unsuitable. Find out the cause and make the necessary corrections. We install a fish tank because we need the water element to promote wealth luck. We do not use the fish to "absorb" the sha chi and die for us.

Question: Some Feng Shui masters say that when the needle in the Luo Pan is unstable in a house, the house is haunted. He will have to drive away the evil spirit and bless the house. Is this true?

The needle in the Luo Pan is unstable because the electro-magnetic field in the house is not stable. It may be due to the fluctuating strength of the electric current in cables nearby or some unknown source of magnetic instability. In fact, the Luo Pan reading inside a house is never accurate nowadays especially in high rise buildings. Feng Shui practitioners using the Luo Pan to "trace" the energy inside a house is just fooling his clients. The Luo Pan is only used to find the sitting and facing of a building. It is to be used outdoors where it is free from electro-magnetic interference. Anyone who moves around inside the house holding the Luo Pan in hand is just acting.

Question: Can you tell me in which direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) should the Tai Ji (better known as the "yin-yang" in the west) rotate? In some books it is clockwise while in some others it is anti-clockwise.

The Tai Ji is in fact three dimensional. It is a sphere, not a circle. If it is clockwise on one side, it will be anti-clockwise on the other. It is like a pair of fish connected head to tail and tail to head. In the space, we should not have the sense of up and down. Therefore it does not matter whether it rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise, vertically or horizontally placed. Do not consider the invention of the reverse ba gua as a great discovery. On the other hand, it is not necessary to make a fuss about nothing.

Question: Is there a career corner in a house? Some say it is the northern section of the house while others say that the section containing the entrance is responsible for career success.

We must take the entire house into consideration, not just a section of the house. If the stars responsible for wisdom and determination are well used, there will be success in studies for students and career for a grown up. The North (Water Palace in the Hou Tien Ba Gua) does contribute to wisdom but there are other considerations. The entrance to a house has unparalleled importance. It is not just responsible for career success.

Question: Can Feng Shui save a broken marriage or a business from bankruptcy?

Yes and no. If the form and stars are all but a mess, no matter what is done with the intention to cure, it will be a futile effort. Some places are just beyond our capability to correct. The only solution is to move to a suitable place. If we can turn a place into one that is in harmony, full of energy and love, the intended results can be expected.

Question: What are Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck?

In modern language it is simply Time, Space and Event.

At a certain time there are happenings in the Universe that affect every individual. In the large there are stars born and destroyed. In the small the assigned value of the time variable produces a certain functional value to a person's luck equation. We call this Heaven Luck.

Different places in the Universe are subjected to different conditions. In a smaller scale, opportunities in different parts of the word are entirely different. If we take a more individualized scale, where a person is located may determine a lot of his life. This is Earth Luck. A simpler way of saying is that Feng Shui affects the well being of people.

What a man does is the cause of some result. The decision made at a cross road determines the result. This is Man Luck.

Heaven Luck is beyond our control. We have to live with it. Some people are just born lucky. Some have to work much harder to be recognized and rewarded. Earth Luck and Man Luck are what we can manage. If a person works hard and performs noble acts, with the help of feng shui, the achievement can be outstanding even if the Heaven Luck is not that satisfactory.

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