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An Important Case Study

This real case study compares

  1. Move-in date versus Completion date
  2. True north versus Magnetic north.

In 1998 a client requested a feng shui consultation in his split level home in the Greater Toronto area. The house was built in 1976 and, in 1998, three young university graduates rented the house and moved in . When I arrived, a young man on crutches came to open the door. His name is Paul DeAngelis. He graduated from the University of Toronto and is pursuing further studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He explained to me that he just slipped on the stairs and broke his ankle. The doctor expected him to recover in a couple of months.

The compass reading was sitting Gen facing Kun Ding-Wei fenjin. Using the completion date it was a Period 6 house. The star chart is as follows:

Examining the stars at the main entrance, the mountain star 3 is being controlled by the facing star 6. 3 is wood and represents the eldest son and the feet. 6 is metal. This combination indicates a man in the house may be hurt and it is the feet that is most likely to be injured. Since there are three men in the house, the two bedrooms with the star combination 2 and 5 will be more probable. Paul stays in this bedroom downstairs.

I told Paul that his friend living above his room should also be careful as he may also be injured in the same way. He looked at me astonished, "This already happened to him 6 months ago!"

Since Paul had to take a series of examinations leading to his license, I adviced him to study in the Dining Room upstairs where the star combination is 1 and 4. He asked how to activate romance. It was simple. I told him to spend more time in the Dining Room and decorate the table with fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. "Just donít forget to keep the flowers blooming and make sure the water is clean," I said, "Open the window every day to allow the qi to come in. You will be successful in your studies and romance."

His bedroom was not that good. I told him to install a chiming clock with a golden pendulum there to remove the sickness energy.

Well, after two years, Paul called me again. He said he moved and wanted me to fengshui his new house. When I went there, an elegant lady opened the door and I sensed that Paul had got married. He was very happy telling me that he passed all the examinations and was now working with his wife who was also a TCM practitioner. Romance started right away when he studied in the dining room. He told me he took good care of the flowers he placed there.

Another year later, Paul called me again. This time it was to fengshui his business. The couple opened a clinic in downtown Oakville. Everything was just right for him.

What would have happened if the move-in date was chosen to fengshui the house? Let us see. They moved in Period 7 and the chart would have been:

The Dining Room would have the Fighting Bull Sha 3-2 instead of the academic success and romance combination of 1-4. There is no indication of feet injury for a man. This happened to two of the three men because there was exactly the 3-6 combination at the door and the 2-5 in their bedrooms. Probably these young men had good Heaven Luck. Otherwise it could have been more serious.

I have Paul's permission to disclose this case study. He is also happy to confirm to anyone interested.

Paul DeAngelis is running a business called "Total Balance" situated at 282 Church St., Oakville, ON, L6J-1N8. His telephone number is 905-337-1128 and email totalbalance@on.aibn.com

Toronto has a magnetic declination of about 13 degrees to the west. If the chart is adjusted to astronomical north, then the house will have Chou sitting and Wei facing. The star chart will be:

Since the 3-6 combination is in the house and actually in Paul's bedroom, it can account for the accident causing the broken ankle. However, the dining room is in the SE and now the stars are 8-2 with time star 5 instead. Staying there will bring him drowsiness and sickness. It cannot account for his academic success and romance.

What about the period 7 chart with adjustment to astronomical north? That is to say, what happens if we use move-in date and astronomical north? It should be easy to verify that it makes no sense at all. I will leave it to you.

New ideas are welcomed in any serious study. However, they must be based on solid principles and sound theoretical development. Furthermore, it must be supported by real case studies.

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