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Shen Zhu Reng's Important Article
This is the most important article in Master Shen's book. Unfortunately a lot of people who claim to practice Xuan Kong Feng Shui either have not studied this article or they do not understand the teaching...

An Important Case Study
This article verifies the validity of using the Competion Date and the Magnetic North in Xuan Kong Feng Shui studies.

True North Vs. Magnetic North
In measuring directions in Feng Shui studies, should the true north or the magnetic north be taken as reference? Read this article to find out!

Move-In Date or Completion Date?
This article explains whether it is the move-in date or the completion date of a house that determines the flying star chart.

This new article explains what the calabash is and why it is such a useful item in Feng Shui.

9 Palaces Versus 8 Wedges
This new article explains the two methods employed by Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioners. The intention is to "throw out a brick to attract jade". Feedbacks are welcome.

Success Story
Don't believe in Feng Shui? Read this story about how Feng Shui changed a family's life in a matter of weeks!

Another Success Story
Feng Shui helped the Feng Shui Man to be happy. The Feng Shui Man uses feng shui to help others to live in harmony.

A Third Success Story
The hero of the story is not a practitioner. She learned quietly and applied what she has learnt to her house. The result is admirable. She will have yet to find out whether it is her good heaven luck or it is Feng Shui that made the changes.

Feng Shui - A Modern View
Entering the gate of Feng Shui - a study of events at specified time and space.

Feng Shui - Frequently Asked Questions
Same questions, different answers.

Feng Shui - More Frequently Asked Questions
More questions! Check back often for updates

Wu Xing
Better known as the five elements, it is the backbone of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui For the Southern Hemisphere
Can Feng Shui be practiced in the Southern Hemisphere without modification?

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