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Yi Jing Correspondence Course

The Curriculum

In this course, we focus at Xiang Shu Yi Xue. The goal of this course is to present Xiang Shu Yi Xue in its fullness. Information might have been found here and there. You may find such information fascinating. To see the whole picture, get comprehensive training at Feng Shui Research Center.

Warning: It is Challenging

This course is composed of the materials developed by some of the best minds in China from the days of Confucius to the present. The learning process is never ending. Our purpose is to continue with the work of the ancients so as to gain a place in the history of the development of this fascinating art. I am only the organizer and leader. The success of this course depends on the effort and cooperation of the participants.

Table of Contents

The final table of contents may be very different from the following draft. This makes the teaching a live one.

  • History of Xiang Shu Yi Xue

  • Prerequisites:

           Wuji, Taiji, Yin and Yang
           Five Elements
           Xian Tian Ba Gua
           Hou Tian Ba Gua
           10 Heaven Stems
           12 Earth Branches
           12 Stages of Life
           Void Branches
           Combinations and Clashes
           Five Element and Body Parts
           Representations of the Eight Trigrams

  • Basics of Wen Wang Gua

           64 Hexagrams and the 8 Palaces
           The 3-coin Method
           Na Jia and Na Zhi
           Six Relations (Liu Chen)
           Six Spirits (Liu Shen) or Six Animals (Liu Shou)
           Subject (Shi) and Object (Ying)

  • Technical Part

           Spirit of Focus (Yong Shen)
           Flying Spirit (Fei Shen) and Hiding Spirit (Fu Shen)
           Original Spirit (Yuan Shen)
           Annoying Spirit (Ji Shen) and Hostile Spirit (Qiu Shen)
           Progressing Spirit (Jun Shen) and Retreating Spirit( Tui Shen)

  • More Technique

           Spirit of Focus Appearing Twice
           Fan Yin and Fu Yin
           Body (Gua Shen)

  • Applications

           Weather Forecast
           Academic Achievement
           Feng Shui
           Investment - Stock Markets, Stocks, Commodities

How it is Conducted

The lessons will be uploaded to a restricted area of my website. These lessons are copyrighted but violators will not be prosecuted. They are reminded of the karmic debt they owe that can never be repaid. A restricted Yahoo group will be for discussion of course work and more supplementary materials. There will be test papers from time to time to make sure the student can follow the course.

Length of Course

The class lasts about 1 year. On registration, two ebooks will be given preparing the student for the course.



Sample Lesson

Click here to download a sample scroll.

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