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Plum Blossom Divination Correspondence Course

The Curriculum

Plum Blossom Divination is a fascinating method to get the message from Heaven or, in fact, the Universe about human affairs. It consists of external inference from our senses of vision, audio and feeling together with internal inference from a hexagram with one moving line.

Warning: It is simple but challenging

This course is composed of the materials developed by some of the best minds in China but for marketing purposes claimed to be from the celebrated Song Dynasty scholar Shao Yong. The learning process is never ending. It aims at the highest level of telling the answer without the question.

Table of Contents

In addition to what is listed here, discussions and exchange of real case studies in the private group makes learning an endless experience.

  • Section 1 Introduction:

    Historical Background
    Shao Yong
    The Story of the Porcelain Pillow and the Mouse

  • Section 2 Ba Gua Implications

    Shuo Gua Zhuan
    Heaven Implications
    Earth Implications
    Human Implications
    Numbers Implications
    Body Parts Implications
    Sickness Implications
    Human Nature Implications
    Animals Implications
    Plants and Stationary Objects Implications
    Housing Implications
    Food Implications
    Trips Implications

  • Section 3 The Basis of Divination

    Yijing Divination
    Xian Tian and Hou Tian Methods

  • Section 4 Building Up a Hexagram For Divination

    Obtaining a Hexagram
    A Note About The Formula
    My Modified Formula
    Other Methods of Obtaining Hexagrams

  • Section 5 Interpretation

    Ti and Yong
    Interact Hexagram
    Basic Cencept
    Strength of Hexagrams
    Example 1 Plum Blossom

  • Section 6 Original Examples

    Example 2 Peony
    Example 3 Neighbour Knocking at the Door
    Example 4 Shao Yong's Advice to an Old Man
    Example 5 Shao Yong's Prediction of Wedding for a Young Man
    Example 6 Shao Yong's Prediction of a Cow Being Slaughtered
    Example 7 Shao Yong's Prediction of a Cock Being Slaughtered

  • Section 7 More Theories

    Ti Gua Interaction
    Divination Clues
    Motion and Stillness
    Incoming and Outgoing
    Weather Divination
    Human Affairs Divination
    Home Affairs Divination
    Feng Shui Divination
    Marriage Divination
    Fame Divination
    Wealth Divination
    Trip Divination
    Lost and Found Divination
    Sickness Divination

  • Section 8 Guessing Game

    Can We Play With Divination?
    Technique of Guessing Game



Course Book Download

Click Plum Blossom Correspondence Course to download the course book. To get the password, please pay by Paypal.

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