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Four Pillars Correspondence Courses

The Four Pillars Correspondence Course consists of 30 lessons. Participants will be members of the Four Pillars discussion mailing list that I moderate. A lot of supplementary materials will be posted. Topics of discussion will be assigned. You can join the class anytime and study at your own pace.

"Thanks for your encouraging comments. All praise goes to you for the comprehensive course you have written on this formidable and enlightening subject. So far,the lessons I have grasped well from your correspondence course are those that have a relevance with my own experience. I have a long way to go before I can begin to properly interpret four pillars. Together, both the interactive role you play as moderator and the list archives make this a truly great learning resource. Your ongoing course is a pleasure to be part of."

- John

Cost - US$510

This consists of a printable ebook that can be downloaded into one computer and a membership of a private discussion mailing list. Only those who are taking the correspondence course has the privilege to join the list and has access to the list archive but Feng Shui Research Center reserves the right to remove members from the list on the grounds of inappropriate behavior. A lot of case studies will be discussed in this manner. Topics of discourse will also be assigned from time to time. Note that only one password to open the ebook will be provided. The student is advised to print the ebook as backup.

Payment is to be made with the registration. You will be invited to join the mailing list.

Click here for a list of accepted payment methods.

Lesson Summary

Lesson 1 - Basic Knowledge
  • Yin and Yang
  • The Five Phases
  • Tian Yuan
  • Di Yuan
Lesson 2 - Time : the Eternal Spiral
  • The 60 Jia-Zi Cycle
  • Jie and Qi
  • The Solar Calendar
  • Solar Time
Lesson 3 - The Four Pillars
  • Calculating the Year Pillar
  • Month Pillar
  • Day Pillar
  • Hour Pillar
Lesson 4 - The Luck Periods
  • Calculating the Age to Enter First Luck Period
  • Plotting the Luck Pillars
  • Annual Luck

Lesson 5 - Cycles of the Five Phases
  • The Producing / Generating Cycle
  • Draining / Weakening Cycle
  • Controlling / Conquering Cycle

Lesson 6 - Heavenly Stems
  • The Five Combinations
  • The Five Clashes
  • Elaboration on the Combinations
  • Elaboration on the Clashes
Lesson 7 - Earthly Branches
  • The Six Combinations
  • The Six Clashes
  • The Compatible Systems
  • The Three Penalties
  • The Six Damages

Lesson 8 - The Four Seasons and the Five Phases
  • The Twelve Stages of Life
  • The Ready
  • The Vibrant
  • The Retiring
  • The Jailed
  • The Dead
Lesson 9 - Liu Shen (Six Gods)
  • The Day Master
  • Guan (Power)
  • Yin (Resource)
  • Cai (Wealth)
  • Shi (Output)
  • Bi (Parallel)
Lesson 10 - Ten Gods
  • Ten Gods
  • Proper and Unbecoming Power
  • Proper and Unbecoming Resource
  • Proper and Unbecoming Wealth
  • Gracious and Drastic Output
  • Friendly and Unfriendly Parallel
Lesson 11 - Proper Power and Unbecoming Power
  • Introduction
  • Proper Power
  • Unbecoming Power
Lesson 12 - Proper Resource and Unbecoming Resource
  • Introduction
  • Proper Resource
  • Unbecoming Resource
Lesson 13 - Proper Wealth and Unbecoming Wealth

Lesson 14 - Gracious Output and Drastic Output
  • Gracious Output
  • Drastic Output
Lesson 15 - Friendly and Unfriendly Parallel
  • Friendly Parallel
  • Unfriendly Parallel

Lesson 16 - Six Gods and Family Members
  • Mother
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Father
  • Offspring
Lesson 17 - Family Affairs
  • Parents Palace
  • Marriage Palace
  • Children Palace
  • Background and Society
Lesson 18 - Life Palace and Conception
  • Ming Gung (Life Palace)
  • Tai Yuan (Conception Time)

Lesson 19 - Principle of Equilibrium
  • Strength of Day Master
  • Weak Day Master
  • Character Analysis

Lesson 20 - Useful God and Annoying God
  • Definitions
  • Weak Day Master
  • Strong Day Master
Lesson 21 - Extraordinary Lives
  • The Extremely Weak Day Master
          - Follow Power, Son, Weatlh Types
  • The Extremely Strong Day Master
          - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal Trend
          - Follow Intensity
          - Follow Strength
Lesson 22 - Zheng Ge (General Types)
  • Zheng Guan Ge (Proper Power Type)
  • Pian Guan Ge (Unbecoming Power Type)

Lesson 23 - Zheng Ge (General Type) II
  • Zheng Yin Ge (Proper Resource Type)
  • Pian Yin Ge (Unbecoming Resource Type)
Lesson 24 - Zheng Ge (General Type) III
  • Zheng Cai Ge (Proper Wealth Type)
  • Pian Cai Ge (Unbecoming Wealth Type)
Lesson 25 - Zheng Ge (General Type) IV
  • Shi Shen Ge (Gracious Output Type)
  • Shang Guan Ge (Drastic Output Type)
Lesson 26 - Zheng Ge (General Type) V
  • Yue Ren Ge (Ultra-Vibrant Type)

Lesson 27 - More Extraordinary Lives
  • Transforming into Earth
  • Transforming into Metal
  • Transforming into Water
  • Transforming into Wood
Lesson 28 - Luck Periods
  • Zhuan Wang Ge (One Dominating Phase Type)
  • Ten Year Luck Periods
  • Annual Luck

Lesson 29 - Career Analysis
Lesson 30 - Character Analysis
Appendix I - Gods and Devils
Appendix II - Sickness

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