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Feng Shui Correspondence Courses

The Feng Shui Correspondence Course consists of three levels.

Elementary Level

Deals with Feng Shui Principles.

Intermediate Level

Introduces the Eight House School - the most popular school of Feng Shui. This school is being criticized for the rigidity in practice and I have corrected the misconceptions.

Advanced Level

A detailed treatment of the Flying Star Feng Shui. The Time factor is taken into consideration. Click to read sample pages.

Students are encouraged to ask questions about the subject matter by email.

Upon completion of all three levels, the student may apply for the higher diploma. For information about the conditions, please go to Higher Feng Shui Diploma

Xuan Kong Da Gua Correspondence Course
Please download details

Elementary Course ( 8 Lessons )

Intermediate Course( 10 Lessons )

  1. History of Feng Shui
  2. Qi -- Sheng Qi and Sha Qi
  3. Form School of Feng Shui
  4. Wind and Water
  5. The Five Types of Qi
  6. Features Producing Good Energies
  7. Features Producing Evil Energies
  8. Elementary Feng Shui Audit
  1. The Ba Gua
  2. The Compass
  3. The Eight Wandering Stars
  4. Doors and Paths
  5. The Eight types of people according to the birth year
  6. Art of Placement
  7. Feng Shui Audit -- House sitting North, North-East
  8. Feng Shui Audit -- House sitting East, South-East
  9. Feng Shui Audit -- House sitting South, South-West
  10. Feng Shui Audit -- House sitting West, North-West

The course ebook will be downloaded from a website. A password will be supplied upon payment received.

Click here for a list of accepted payment methods.

Cost: US$200

Advanced Course ( 20 Lessons )

The lessons in this level are designed for those who want to be a Feng Shui practitioner. In this course the Xuan Kong (Time-Space) School of Feng Shui is taught in detail. It contains material that have been lost centuries ago and rediscovered by the few real Feng Shui Masters throughout Chinese history. The original work, written in ancient Chinese, is explained in plain English.

Students of the Advanced Level are invited to join the private discussion mailing list where Feng Shui practices are discussed. A lot of information about this ancient art will be posted. A lot of so-called Feng Shui secrets are also disclosed in this mailing list. Feng Shui Research Center reserves the right to remove members from this list on the grounds of misbehavior.

The course materials are contained in an ebook. On receipt of payment, the subscriber is given an url to download the ebook. A password is needed to view this ebook. Please note that the elementary and intermediate levels are prerequisites for this course. The student can download the ebook into one and only one computer. Each computer will generate a different password and each subscriber is entitled to exactly one password. The student can print a hard copy as backup. Formatting the computer will require a different password which will not be given.

Click here for a list of accepted payment methods.

Cost: US$280

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