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Student Feedback

I am enjoying your FS course very much. Every lesson I learn creates an eagerness to learn the next. You have done a wonderful job in creating a course that is not only clear, concise and understandable, but also a great pleasure to take.

Catherine Murphy, New Zealand

Dear Master Yu,

Your Intermediate Level Course is excellent indeed. I finished it with great enthusiasm. It contains a very essential knowledge of Feng Shui. It is concise and straight to the point. Again it is loaded with key concepts. I've read through the course several times. Each time it clarified me with a new level of understanding. I'm very grateful to the course.

I am preparing myself for the Advanced Level Course.

Soreiyos Yip

I've finished your Advanced level of the Feng Shui course and have made a list of questions for you. However, as I read the course over two or three times, I find the answers to most of the questions.

I have audited my home and decided to only make one change at a time and watch for the results. Of course I worked on the money portion first and found results in less then 2 weeks. My wife and I are quite excited.

David Zuvic

Master Yu

Thank you again for the opportunity to study with you through the correspondence course. Your approach is very organized and very thorough.

As a city planner, I appreciate the scientific elements of feng shui, which are so often forsaken. A course that I previously took in the "Tibetan/ Tantric" methods becomes increasingly ridiculous.

As a Taoist/ and Kung Fu practitioner I also appreciate your focus on traditional Chinese philosophy, including the five elements, the ba gua, etc. Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Feng Shui are inextricably tied to these concepts. The development of pseudo feng shui, and its departure from traditional philosophy, is parallel to the Korean martial arts.

When the Chinese shared fighting techniques with Japanese and Koreans, only the basics were shared. Thus, these arts lost much of their conceptual frameworks and were reduced to punches and kicks. Lost were the use of healing herbs, Chi-Kung, and many important matters pertaining to the five elements. Now, as you know, the Karate style schools are mostly babysitting classes.

Please keep up the good work. I will be sending payment shortly for the intermediate class materials.

Your grateful student,

Derek Chisholm

Thank you for your recent transmission of Feng Shui Elementary Level. It is truly fantastically clear and helpful. Your clarity of written expression is what makes your text superior to all other feng Shui texts I have read. You have truly demystified the process. You are a blessed and wise man. Thank you. I am really appreciative.

Ricardo Rene Laremont

I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Beginner Level Feng Shui course. It was easy to understand, yet challenging. Your comments in response to my course work helped me to expand my way of thinking about a particular task. And the manner in which you commented was constructive, rather than criticizing, making me more excited about starting the next lesson.

As a teacher of Chinese kung fu, I know the importance of having a lesson plan that helps students progress in the proper order. Regardless of the topic, any course must provide thorough training in the basics for students to comprehend the more advanced material. And I feel that your Beginner Level course has provided me the basics I needed to successfully advance in my study of Feng Shui. Thank you very much.

Sifu William "Bill" Vardeman, Founder Golden Talon Kung Fu

"I am extremely impressed with this user friendly course. This is the first time Feng Shui has made comprehensible sense to me. The method you have employed is beginning to alleviate the confusion caused by all the conflicting information and psycho-babble available at most bookstores. I realize that I will not become an expert overnight, but I now have the opportunity to become proficient over time because information previously unavailable is now in my possession. What you have accomplished is magnificent."

Bill from MD, USA

"I can personally say that Master Yu's correspondence courses are absolutely the best investment anyone can make for their dollar, mark, peso, yen, form of currency. I have studied with another Feng Shui Master. I left his class with far more questions than I had answers for and feeling like I had just spent a considerable amount of money to be left alone with questions and no solid awareness of how to use Feng Shui in my life. I was left feeling unsure about everything.

Now I have begun Master Yu's correspondence courses. They are absolutely great, taking me at a nice slow steady pace that I feel comfortable with. I feel as though I will really understand Feng Shui when I have completed Master Yu's classes. I heartily recommend them to all."

Gabrielle from Alaska, USA

"Congratulations for producing a superb course - precise, concise and an inspiration - I will spread the word!"

Paula Penn from UK

"Master Yu's entire approach to Feng Shui as reflected in his home page was what prompted me to enrol for his courses. His comments and opinions had corrected many of my earlier misconceptions of the subject but more important they (the comments/opinions) showed that Feng Shui, despite being an ancient "science", is very relevant to present day living if one applies its principles in a logical and practical manner. Every recommendation and remedy comes with an explanation, which to "doubting thomases" like me is of prime importance.

Finally, I do not think there is any other feng shui course which allows you unlimited opportunity to seek clarification and also send your work for comments. Even if there is, one would have to pay hefty fees on a per question basis (surf the net and you will come across instances of this). This facility accorded my Master Yu proves his genuine desire to really teach the subject as oppose to others who are commercially motivated."

Alex Cheong from Malaysia

"Thanks for the notes - they are absolutely brilliant. I have done 3 elementary courses, 2 of which I went to London to do, I came back from each one not feeling happy within myself with what they tried to get across to us - too intuitive and to a point not scientific enough for me. Anyway your explanations are great and far more logical for my way of thought."

Elaine from Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Joseph,

I have finished the intermediate course and I think I have grasped most of it. I keep testing myself and going back through the lessons to make sure that I understand. I have also made copies of the charts and tables and have now laminated them so that I can keep them with me and have easy reference to them. There have been a few times when I have considered emailing you with a query but have thought about your words that it is intuition and common sense and not parrot fashion learning, I have then come to a sensible conclusion to my query. I am so impressed with you course. It really does explain everything if you read it thoroughly and think properly. Finally, I have been looking at your website and am feeling a bit jealous. Do you think you might come over to England on your travels? It would be great to come to one of your seminars!

Vanessa from UK

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn feng shui. Your materials are clear and concise and explain the principles as well as how it relates to this day and age as opposed to an earlier time, and I find this refreshing. I am currently enrolled in college and I wish my other classes were as clear in explaining things."

Wilson from California, USA

"It's really really great stuff that you did with your correspondence course! I just looked over it and I found lots of things I wanted to know already for a longer while."

Juergen Schnitzler from Germany

"I enjoyed reading the course material and I found it to be more structured than most books and the courses that I have attended."

John from Australia

"I am so amazed by all the incredible information you have made available on the internet. I am one of your students, and I regularly go to your page to see if there has been a new lesson added. I'm just so thankful to people like yourself who spend much of their time and effort to learn something well and then share it with others by writing a book or teaching it. So Thank You, Joseph. I appreciate it."

Christina from Utan, USA

"I just want to let you know how important feng shui is to me at the moment. Not only do I want to successfully audit my own home, but I want to establish my career in this field. I also want to let you know how valuable I have found our correspondence so far. In fact, I have printed out the letters and will bind them as a separate volume."

Margot from Australia

"The aquarium I've placed in the 7-3-7 sector of my house seems to be working well for our family. My family is very happy about the results it brought us, especially even through the times of this Asian Economic Crisis."

Joey from Malaysia

"I want to let you know that after all of the Feng Shui books that I have bought and the other courses I have taken, I have been thoroughly impressed with the manner, respect, dignity and above all, clarity of your lessons."

Patricia from Minneapolis, USA

"I enjoyed the web page and enrolled in the Feng Shui course. I've read 4 books on Feng Shui from a local bookstore, but this course is great!! I'll be back often on the Web Site and plan to complete the complete program of Feng Shui courses... Thanks for the opportunity."

Barbara from Oklahoma, USA

"I am really enjoying the lessons, only wish you were teaching me in person, that way I could really pick your brain and have a better feel for it. I tend to do better having somones feel rather than just words... but you have good words so I have no complaints at all. Thanks for everything so far.

"I went to the Feng Shui conference in New Mexico. It was quite an experience. I did not agree with the majority of their beliefs and was quite disillusioned with them. I thought about you and what you have taught me and how I have agreed with everything that you have said. I would not even let them certify me through their school. So I suppose I am a dedicated student of yours! The conference seemed like an almost joke to me and if you had been there I think you would have been appalled."

Cathleen from Houston, USA

"I think the lessons are great. Let me know when the elementary level is coming to a close so I can send you money for the mid level... Some of the questions that you pose seem ahead of the particular lesson. Like question 5 in lesson 6. Are you wanting us to just have fun placing rooms or did I miss some of the interior design classes? I really do like the way you are teaching, some of the questions make my brain and intuition ponder for quite a while. This form of Feng Shui seems to be at the grass roots level which is the most informative."

Guy Mayer from Arizona, USA

"How many books have you already read about feng shui? Can you tell that the books are good? Can you believe in most authors? Or are you confused? Master Joseph Yu's feng shui courses are the best way to learn the technique of feng shui. The lessons are written in simple language, have a great knowledge, and offer to people around the world, the true and genuine feng shui. What more do I need to say? Only, that Master Joseph Yu is making this world better with his courses and work. Who can claim more?"

Raul de Soroa, Brazil (Raul is a young Feng Shui practitioner in Brazil.)

"Your course work is extremely interesting and I hope to continue through advanced."

T.W. from NM USA

"Just reading them once so far, the concepts are really well explained and the graphics help a lot. So far this is the best explanation I have had, the clearest and easiest to understand of the 5 elements."

Marisa from CA, USA

"The lessons I like very much. The information is very clear and substantial, and I like the way you present it - it really helps me to systematise my knowledge about the subject matter."

Julia from England

"Yes, I am dedicated to learning and practising the art and science of feng shui. I feel priviledged to learn from some- one who exposes quackering and pseud-feng shui and teaches authentic methods. I am thrilled at the progress I have made and think your courses are very good."

Margot from Australia

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