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Richard Nixon and Watergate

Happiness (6) Properties (7) Career (8) Friends (9)
Wicked Star
Flirting Star
Angel 2
Gloomy Star Minister Star Lucky Star
Blessing Star (Pr)
Siren Star
Stern Star
Parents (5)     Travel (10)
Moon     Finance Star (An)
Power Star
Calamity Star
Birth Star
Life (4)     Health (11)
Treasury Star
Angel 1
Deputy 1
Wedding Star
Worrisome Star
Brothers (3) Marriage (2) Children (1) Wealth (12)
Pegasus Star
Intelligence Star
Emperor Star(Au)
Ruinous Star
Misfortune Star
Mercy Star
Troublesome Star
Fiery Star
Intellect Star (fm)
Romance Star
Abundance Star
Deputy 2

What I must point out is that whether you are the head of state or an ordinary working class citizen, the same stars are found in the star chart. The difference is the location of the stars and the way they combine in the 12 palaces. I must also point out that there is no such thing as destiny. No one is destined to be a president, a billionaire, or a single parent on welfare. The star chart only tells you that someone is likely to have a great career, someone is fortunate in the course of making money, and someone is less fortunate in life in various respects. The way the stars are located tells us all. The star chart does not, however, dictate the way a person leads his life. He still has a substantial degree of freedom. The star chart shows that a person is talented in politics and is charismatic in character. Therefore it is easy for him to achieve great in politics. If he chooses to be a teacher in a small town, his talent will be used in a less spectacular way. Actually there are many a man whose star chart is superior to Richard Nixon's, Ronald Reagan's, or Bill Clinton's charts. These people choose not to lead a political life. They may be the president of a large organization, the head master of an educational institute, or even a religious leader.

When we study a particular palace, in addition to the stars in the palace we have to consider the stars in what are called the related palaces. If the palace under investigation is labeled #1 and we label the other palaces #2, #3, ... , in the clockwise direction, Houses #5, #7, and #9 are the related houses. For example, if Life Palace is #1, then Career Palace is #5, Travel Palace is #7, and Wealth Palace is #9.

Richard Nixon's Life Palace combines very well with his Career Palace and Wealth Palace, but his Travel Palace is unlucky. His appearance on TV was poor and his popularity was very unstable. That accounts for his failure in the 1960 Election and his even worse set back while running for governor in California in 1962. The combination of stars in his Career Palace contains all the essentials for success. When luck was with him in 1968 he was elected President. The Misfortune Star, however, indicates a sudden and unexpected downfall from the peak.

The combination of the Blessing Star transforming into Prosperity, the Siren Star and the Stern Star has a very strange functional value. This combination being found in the Friends Palace indicates that Richard Nixon will be in serious trouble because of his friends' and subordinates' wrong doing. His friends and subordinates will do something unethical or even illegal with a good intention to help him. This will lead to his downfall because he will try to cover up the mistakes to protect his friends and subordinates. The Watergate incident explains it all.

There is another bad combination of stars in his star chart. In Palace #1 are found the Troublesome Star and the Fiery Star while the Gloomy Star is in the opposite palace, i.e. Palace #7. Palace #1 is the 1960 and 1972 Life Palace. In 1960 Richard Nixon lost the Presidential Election to J. F. Kennedy. In 1972 The Watergate scandal was uncovered which led to his resignation in 1974. This is no coincidence.

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