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The Fate of Hong Kong

Written in Spring of 1997

Hong Kong will revert to China on July 1, 1997. A lot of people have confidence that Hong Kong will continue to prosper. Pessimists insist that the Pearl of the Orient will lose all its luster under communist rule. Let us analyze this from an astrological point of view.

Brothers (6) Life and Body (7) Parents (8) Happiness (9)
Gloomy Star (Ann)
Worrisome Star
Minister Star
Abundance Star
Deputy II
Blessing Star
Troublesome Star
Deputy I
Birth Star
Marriage (5)     Properties (10)
Flirting Star
Intelligence Star
    Lucky Star (Au)
Angel II
Children (4)     Career (11)
Moon (Pros)
Fiery Star
    Finance Star
Siren Star
Intellect Star
Wealth (3) Health (2) Travel (1) Friends (12)
Emperor Star
Treasury Star
Wedding Star
Mercy Star (Fam)
Stern Star
Ruinous Star
Angel I
Misfortune Star
Calamity Star

The combination of the stars in the Life Palace, Career Palace, Wealth Palace and Travel Palace is a strong and powerful structure. The harmful Siren Star adds Vigor to the already dynamic life. The Wicked Star is hard-hearted and merciless, while the Minister Star is kind-hearted and peaceful. This combination is well balanced. Most people in Hong Kong are pitiless when they compete for money. On the other hand they are generous towards charity. The Abundance Star represents wealth. Hong Kong SAR is born rich. However, the Troublesome Star and the Gloomy Star transforming into the Annoyance Star squeeze from neighboring palaces. This is a notoriously unfortunate situation. It indicates that the trouble and annoyance come from the parents and brothers. The trouble and annoyance will suffocate Hong Kong. China is Hong Kong's parent and the other cities and provinces in China are Hong Kong's brothers.

The Blessing Star in the Parents Palace is stern in nature. The Troublesome Star is destructive. Though Hong Kong has its own laws and administration, we cannot expect much freedom bestowed on by China. The Troublesome Star also indicates blood-shed. The Gloomy Star in the Brothers Palace is notorious for its jealousy and perplexity. Obviously the other provinces and cities in China will cause a lot of nuisance instead of being helpful.

The Marriage Palace represents the Chief Executive of the SAR. The stars in this and the related houses show that the Chief Executive is a person who has undergone unbelievable ups and downs in life. The joint forces of the Siren Star and the Flirting Star will make him authoritative and powerful. The association of the Flirting Star and the Intelligence Star indicates that his word and action do not correspond. This is perhaps an essential quality of a successful politician and it is universally true in the past, the present and the future. However, the Chief Executive will have very difficult times and I am not surprised if he cannot complete his term of office.

The Children Palace represents the citizens of Hong Kong. The Moon transforming into the Prosperity Star means the people of Hong Kong are experts in creating wealth. The association of the Moon and the Fiery Star is a crafty and cruel alliance.

The Wealth Palace is perhaps the best among the twelve houses. The Emperor Star and the Treasury Star being supported by all the officers indicate that Hong Kong is financially sound and remains a goose continuing to lay golden eggs.

The Mercy Star transforming into Fame in the Health Palace shows that Hong Kong will suffer from hyper inflation. This can be fatal.

The Ruinous Star stays alone in the Travel Palace. Hong Kong money will find opportunities overseas. This is particularly true for the manufacturing sector. Hong Kong industrialists will invest extensively in China and South-east Asia.

The Friends/Servants Palace represents the civil servants and members of the two Councils of Hong Kong SAR. The combination of stars in this and the related houses is extremely complicated. There are fortunate stars and an equal number of harmful stars. I will not explore into details for very obvious reasons. Leave everything for the future to tell.

The Career Palace represents the achievement of the administration. Whether "One country, two systems" is only a blank slogan or a dream come true depends on the stars in this and the related palaces. The related palaces are the Life Palace, the Wealth Palace, and the Marriage Palace.

Let us examine the Life Palace first. It is squeezed by the Troublesome Star and the Gloomy (Annoyance) Star. The motto "Let Hong Kong people govern Hong Kong" is no more than a joke. Next we examine the Marriage Palace. The Flirting Star and the Intelligence Star together describe the Chief Executive of SAR as the puppet on a string. However, the Wealth Palace is very fortunate indicating that Hong Kong will continue to create wealth and the influence of the business sector is ever imminent. The Career Palace itself is like a time-bomb. The combination of the Finance Star, the Intellect Star, the Siren Star is dangerous. If an untimely Worrisome Star flies into this palace, the evil combination is complete. It indicates self-destruction.

The Lucky Star (Authority) together with Angel I govern the Properties Palace. Real estate remains golden. It is also affected by the Gloomy (Annoyance) Star. Lawsuit in this area cannot be avoided.

In the Happiness Palace is the Power Star. Hong Kong will be eventful and metamorphosing. The Power Star in this palace has an adverse effect on the Marriage Palace. The Chief Executive of the SAR may not be able to hold on his office for a full term.

Time Factor

In this chart the Career Palace is where the weakness lies. It has the potential danger of self-destruction. In the decade or year during which the Worrisome Star makes a transit in this house the catastrophe will occur. There are two decades that fit this requirement, namely, 2038-2047 and 2058-2067. This will be in the distant future that is not too interesting to us. What are forecasts for the coming years?

The first decade (1998-2007) will be identical to all descriptions of the chart structure. There will be no political liberty, not to mention democracy. It is an ideal place for speculators. Turbulence is the word.

1998 will be full of life in the business sector. There is freedom to make money under a seemingly benevolent despot. Some people will sacrifice for democracy and liberty. They are looked upon not as heroes but as pigheaded trouble- makers by most people.

1999 will be more tight politically. People strive for money by hook or by crook.

2000 will be full of excitement and opportunity.

2001 will be as calm as the eye of a typhoon.

2002 sees the Worrisome Star flying into the Career Palace and the Wealthy Star transforming into the Annoyance Star. It is the year of self-destruction. Corruption is the catalyst.


Chinese Astrology does not promote the idea of a destiny. Nothing is predetermined. It begins with one's character and intrinsic potential, the influence coming from his parents and brothers, and then his own effort. The fate of Hong Kong after going back to China depends on several factors. The character of the people of Hong Kong is one. The attitude of the Chinese regime towards Hong Kong is another. The attitude of the other cities and provinces is also important. Last but not least is the political concept of the SAR government. These four factors can be assessed by the stars in the Life Palace, the Parents Palace, the Brothers Palace, the Career Palace and the Marriage Palace. Yet there are different values the various parameters can take. There is a saying, "Though fortune is governed by the Heavens, your fate is still in your own hands."

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