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Death of Steve Irwin

This is the Four Pillar chart of a man who has spectacular performance to create wealth. The drastic output (Shang Guan) on the year and month stems with a root in the hour branch indicates unconventional performance. The output sitting on strong wealth shows that he is capable of making money using his performance. The wealth generates power Bing fire with a root in the month branch. He becomes an authority in what he is doing. Water is most needed in this chart to ease the confrontation between wood and metal. Without water, the strong wood will hurt the metal. Once the water is removed, his life will be in danger.

The current 10 year luck pillar Ding Wei is very strong fire. The stem Ding combines with one of the two Ren and has it removed. This is because Ding sitting on Wei is much stronger than the not so strong water. It needs the current year stem and branch to restore the balance. If it further upsets the balance, then there is danger.

Examining the 10 years within this luck period, we see that Bing Xu (2006) is very dangerous. The branches Yin and Xu secretly embrace Wu. With Ding on the luck pillar stem, the secretly embraced Wu takes form in Ding. Bing clashes away the remaining Ren. The fire melts the metal. The abundant fire becomes Qi Sha indicating that he takes for granted that he will be safe in risky endeavor.

Poor Steve was killed by a stingray on September 4, 2006 while he was filming a documentary in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. He came over the top of a stingray. The usually tame and friendly creature mistook him as an attacker and pierced its barb into his heart. He died almost instantly. It is a great loss to the world.

Note: The birth hour Bing Shen is highly likely as Shen is Lu of metal. The day master without resource cannot have the strength if it does not have such a strong root. Without Bing fire on the stem, he cannot have such achievement either. His performance needs great courage.

This is a very good case study showing that the Four Pillars of Destiny applies to people born in the southern hemisphere using the same calendar. Some people say that Zi Wei Dou Shu cannot be used for people born in the southern hemisphere as the Great Dipper cannot be seen down under. Well, I will use Zi Wei Dou Shu to see whether it is applicable in this case after my seminars in October.

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